Project Description

Project Description

The goal of Great Lakes Coffee is to promote Coffee Culture among its consumers and deliver wholesome experience through a young, fresh and modern brand. The brand aims to establish a real, lasting connection with clients and consumers. The overall expression is down to earth and natural, but at the same time a bit rough and rebellious.

The selected colour scheme- beige, brown and green emphasizes dealing with high quality food products “straight from nature”. Brown is a classic colour for coffee, but the way it is used together with lime green makes the brand stand out as modern and fresh. The rough lines used in the graphic expression means the brand stands out against traditional “straight” coffee brands. Great Lakes Coffee is the “rebellious little brother” in the big coffee family!

Great Lakes Coffee also needed to launch several independent retail coffee brands into the market. Add value developed various coffee brands and designed a variety of labels and sleeves for the packaging bags.

Items delivered:

Business stationery
Exhibition walls
Branded retail coffee bags
Branded packaging labels and sleeves

Executed: 2013-2014

Copyright: Add Value Creators Ltd.