Thinking of starting your project with Add Value? Please read through the steps it takes to complete a project with us.

A project normally starts with an initial meeting between the client and Add Value’s management. The client explains his needs and ideas. We try to match this up with the skills and experience we have to see which areas we can work in together.
Based on the discussions in the initial meeting, we put together a project proposal and the estimated cost breakdown for the activities we suggest to do together.
When the project proposal and the costs has been agreed upon, a 50% non-refundable deposit should be made to Add Value before the project starts. The reason for this is that when we start working on a project we go deeply into a process and invest a lot of time. Commitment and trust from the client is key to ensure the quality of our work. A deposit also speeds up the process as we are able to make samples and prototypes without having to charge this separately.
The first step of the project is a creative workshop where members of the client’s team and Add Value’s design team sit together and co-create for a few hours. During this session, we exchange insights, explore ideas and different possible design directions. During this workshop, we site key words and references to build the client’s brand upon. In short, you have an idea for your brand and we provide the professional guidance and opinions to help bring your idea into reality. The result of the initial workshop should be a set of key words and ideas that we all agree upon and that serves as our guideline throughout the design process. Co-creation with our clients is a key activity we always undertake when starting a new project. It is important to us that the client is part of the development process every step of the way. This gives ownership to the brand and the design process, and makes sure valuable insights and ideas are not missed out.
Our design team researches relevant sources and compiles inspirational ideas. We brainstorm design ideas in our office, and make the first set of sketches and/or computer graphics. 2-3 initial concepts are presented to the client for feedback and discussion.
The client evaluates the concepts, gives feedback and opinions and chooses one concept or a combination of selected concepts to move forward with. This step of the design process is where concepts are flexible and open for discussion, and its important that all wishes and expectations for the selected concept are clarified. Reiterations and further explorations will be made. After this stage a concept is selected and agreed upon. If the client for any reason decides to diverge significantly from this concept or require another, additional costs may occur.
Our team of designers refines the concept basing on the feedback received from the client and discussions. The concept is then sent for approval to the client. Minor technical changes can be made at this point.
Once the concept is approved, we make the first sample. Once the sample is approved by the client, we deliver the finished product.