Add Value Creators and their partners have extensive experience with strategic product development, brand development and packaging development and design. We are eager to share this knowledge with others, it being entrepreneurs, brand/product managers, product developers, purchase officers or students.

Our trainings will give a basic knowledge and understanding in the relevant areas, empowering the trainees to be able to make smart decisions and communicate better with service providers and suppliers. We believe that everyone involved in any kind of development of new products and/or brands can benefit a lot from this training.

Our trainings are tailor made to your needs. The can take different formats: lectures, short courses or practical workshops dealing with specific products or challenges.

Product Development
and Design Training

Product development is about finding the market and the users’ needs, and tries to respond to that in the best possible way. It is a multidisciplinary process that involves a variety of professional skills: engineering, design, sourcing, marketing, economics, among others. We believe that the key to creating successful products is to mange this process, combining skills. We teach you the basics of developing unique successful products that beats the competitors’.

Topics that can be covered in our product development trainings:

  • Key factors in developing successful products
  • How to manage a multidisciplinary product development process
  • Tools for finding the market and the users’ needs: introduction to market research, target groups, competitor study
  • Tools for involving users in the product development process
  • Making prototypes
  • Tools for user testing
Development Training

How do you turn a product into a brand? Brand development is about making sure your customers recognizes and remembers your product/service. It is also about building trust and ownership among the customers and generates more sales. We give you the basics in how to turn products into successful long lasting strong brands.

Topics that can be covered in our brand development trainings:

  • Key factors in creating a successful brand
  • Target market and target customers
  • USP – Unique Selling Propositions
  • Product positioning
  • Graphic design and brand profile
Packaging Development
and Design Training

This training is specifically focusing on food products and other FMCGs. In the supermarket shelf, the packaging is the main communication and sales promoting part of the product. Packaging development and design is an “art”, trying to balance many requirements: visibility and attractiveness, user friendliness, food safety, logistics and cost efficiency. Add Value’s consultants have formal education and many years of experience in this field.

Topics that can be covered in our packaging development trainings:

  • Overview of commonly used packaging materials and what they are suitable for.
  • Selecting and sourcing packaging materials and packaging machines.
  • Developing designs suitable for the packaging material, taking into consideration the print technology and quality available.
  • 3D prototype making.

Packaging legislation, standards, regulations and labelling requirements.